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Wireline/Fiber Install & Maintenance Solutions

Discover TRS-RenTelco’s comprehensive test solutions for Wireline/Fiber Install & Maintenance.

Fiber is going deeper everywhere as massive rollouts are laying the ground for 5G and IoT in today’s transforming telecom landscape. The promise of tomorrow’s technologies relies on an extremely reliable fiber foundation, whether in data centers, in the field, or at customer premises.

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Fiber optic cables are thinner than a human hair, more lightweight than copper, and move data faster for less cost!

Residential customers, business customers, and 5G base stations all rely primarily on fiber-based connectivity.Complex strategies are being employed to address the need for bandwidth growth and increasing applications.

MSOs are building on their HFC network with extended spectrum DOCSIS and Remote Phy. Telcos are looking for ways to leverage existing fiber networks or trying to build new fiber plants that address the demand for access and bandwidth.

To successfully deliver on growing demands, speed and accuracy are imperative. Whether it’s cable certification, fiber characterization, fusion splicing, fiber inspection, or transport testing (Ethernet or legacy systems), getting it right the first time means reliable testing equipment and procedures.

First Fiber Optic
Did you know?
The first fiber optic link was installed in Chicago in 1976.

Getting the equipment you need to innovate, validate, implement, or troubleshoot can be difficult. Common challenges our customers face include budget constraints, procurement hurdles, fleet deficiencies, and internal silos.

How TRS-RenTelco Can Help

Our team of experts work with you to identify specific business challenges and determine how to leverage our unique capabilities to create financial and operational efficiencies for your business.

Strategic Acquisition

Data-driven procurement framework to quantify the need-state and expedite internal approval processes.

Custom In-House Financing

Flexible programs for cost-effective procurement to optimize your capital and operational budgets.

Fleet Management

Logistical and technical oversight to ensure you have what you need, when you need it.


TRS-RenTelco offers Wireline/Fiber test equipment at favorable terms with short- and long-term full-service leases, rentals, rent-to-buy options, and pre-owned equipment for sale.

Fusion Splicers

LAN Cable Testers (CAT 5, CAT 6)

Circuit Transmission Test Sets

Ethernet Test Sets


T-Carrier / PDH Test Sets

CD / PMD Analyzers

Optical Power Meters

Optical Spectrum Analyzers


Partner Resources

Wireline/Fiber OEM Partner Resources

Anritsu provides cutting-edge solutions for telecommunications technologies.


Viavi offers advanced fiber optic tools to enable expedient certification, troubleshooting, and maintenance.


EXFO’s testing solutions deliver unique value by automating, streamlining, and sequencing your workflows.

Industry Experts
Cabling Installation & Maintenance

Bringing practical business and technical intelligence to today's structured cabling professionals.

Broadband Communities Magazine

Broadband Communities (BBC) is the leading source of information on digital and broadband technologies.

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Amazing OTDR 1

Today fiber networks are the lifeblood of high-speed networking for virtually all applications. For most of us, what happens behind the scenes to turn them up and keep them operating efficiently is unseen.

Amazing OTDR 2

Many OTDR users tend to underestimate the importance of fiber connection quality during testing. It is all too common that bad habits (or lack of good ones) not only hinder accurate testing, but also generate misleading test results.

Amazing OTDR 3

We discuss the importance of proper instrument setup, how it impacts your test results quality, and the resulting data.

Amazing OTDR 4

With the growing momentum of deploying fiber networks with speeds exponentially higher than ever before, the value of OTDRs for network testing has also increased. But even a great tool like the OTDR is only as effective as the skill level of the technicians and engineers who use it.

Cut Test and Certification Times in Half - Webinar May 2019 Final

Increase fiber technology knowledge and skill set around network vulnerabilities and test procedures to quickly eliminate problems.

Viavi Fiber Optic Guide Book - Volume 1

The principle of an optical communications system is to transmit a signal through an optical fiber to a distant receiver. The electrical signal is converted into the optical domain at the transmitter and is converted back into the original electrical signal at the receiver.

Viavi Fiber Optic Guide Book - Volume 2

A steadily increasing demand for transmission capacity forces service providers to upgrade their networks periodically to higher data rates or a higher number of wavelengths in dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) systems.

EXFO White Paper 028-OSNR Measurements of 40G-100G Coherent Systems

In order to meet the constantly increasing need for bandwidth, more and more telecommunications operators are now deploying 40G or 100G coherent systems on long-haul dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM) networks.

New Perspectives Test 400g and New Test Revolution White Paper

Until and through the introduction of 100G, the task of validating and testing client optics was a relatively simple task.

Testing 100g Networks and Services White Paper

Fueled by bandwidth capacity growth, 100 G connectivity forms the basis of most network backbones today.

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