Tektronix TLA714

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Tektronix TLA714

Logic Analyzer Mainframe, 4 Slot

Product Overview

Tektronix TLA714 Color Portable Logic Analyzer Mainframe is available with 4 slot and holds 4 single-wide or 2 double-wide modules. Instrument modules include logic analyzers, pattern generators and digitizing oscilloscopes from the TEK TLA7L, TLA7M, TLA7N, TLA7P, TLA7D, or TLA7E family. Up to 200 MHz state acquisition with 400 MHz data rate. 500 MHz deep timing analysis with up to 128 Mb per channel. MagniVu technology provides 500 ps timing resolution on all channels all the time through the same probe. Simultaneous state and high speed timing analysis through the same probes pinpoints elusive faults. Performance analysis support for optimizing target system remote control using Microsoft COM/DCOM technology supports advanced data analysis.

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Using The Tektronix Logic Analyzer - Part 1