Tektronix TLA6204

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Tektronix TLA6204

136 Ch Logic Analyzer

Product Overview

  • Comprehensive Set of Signal Integrity Tools that Allow You to Quickly Isolate, Identify, and Debug Complex Signal Integrity Issues
  • iCapture Route the suspected signal to the analog output of the TLA6000 using the exclusive Tektronix iCapture feature. This eliminates the need to double- probe with an oscilloscope probe, reducing time to debug
  • iView Time-correlated view of both logic analyzer and oscilloscope data to trace the SI problem across the digital and analog domain
  • Performance and Ease of Use to Debug, Validate, and Optimize Digital Systems
  • 125 ps Resolution MagniVu? Acquisition to Accurately See Signal Relationships in Your System
  • State Speed Sample your fastest synchronous buses with clock rates up to 800 MHz and data rates up to 1.25 Gb/s
  • 15 in. Display, with Optional Touch Screen to See More of Your Data and Navigate Efficiently through Your Data
  • Drag-and-Drop Triggering Simply drag any one of eight different trigger types from a table onto the waveform and the TLA will automatically set up the trigger conditions. Eliminates errors, improves repeatability, and saves time
  • Drag-and-Drop Measurements Simply drag an icon from the measurement toolbar and drop it on your signal of interest and get a table of results. Saves time, removes complexity, and reduces measurement uncertainty