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Rohde & Schwarz NRP-Z11

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Rohde & Schwarz NRP-Z11

8 GHz, 200mW Power Sensor (-67 to +23 dBm)

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The NRP-Z11 power sensor fuses multiple-path architecture, multiple-diode technology and a simultaneously scanning multichannel measurement system into a unique high-performance concept. Multiple-path architecture is the combination of two or three diode detectors to obtain a large dynamic range for modulated signals. This is achieved by operating each detector exclusively in the square-law region and by using only the optimally driven detectors for the measurement. Multiple diodes comprise several zero-bias Schottky diodes connected in series and integrated on one chip. When used in an RF detector, they expand its square-law region, because the measurement voltage is split among several diodes, so that each one is driven less, while at the same time the detected voltages of the individual diodes are added together. Rohde & Schwarz's multiple-path architecture (patent pending) is characterized by the following features: - 3 signal paths, each fitted with triple diodes - 6 dB wide overlap ranges, smooth transitions - Simultaneous scanning and analysis - Chopper stabilization of signal paths for recurring signals The NPR-Z11 offers high signal/noise ratio throughout, low modulation effect, negligible delays and discontinuities when switching signal paths, as well as the ability to perform a time-domain analysis of the test signal within the available video bandwidth. As a consequence, these sensors have the following advantages: - No restrictions on the RF bandwidth of the test signal - Wider dynamic range As a result, it is already possible today to analyze extremely broadband signals, such as are planned for wireless LAN or will be created by combining several carriers in accordance with 3GPP.


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