Bruel & Kjaer 2236C

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Bruel & Kjaer 2236C

Class/Type 1 Sound Level Meter, 1/1 Octave Filter

Product Overview

Precision Integrating Sound Level Meter Type 2236 is a Type 1 instrument, designed to meet stringent standards in environmental- and occupational-noise measurement. A unique feature of the 2236 is that RMS and Peak detection occurs in parallel. In this way the sound level meter can display both the RMS value and the Peak value of the same signal, which is particularly useful when analyzing transients or impulses. Measurements are displayed on a large (4 lines, 16 characters/line) LCD screen. The clearly marked arrows and symbols on the front panel, combined with the large LCD screen (with backlight) make the sound level meter very easy to learn and use. The display is clear and concise, and an interactive dialog guides you through your measurement, quickly and efficiently. Warnings are also given when you attempt to change a set-up parameter once you have started your measurement. The SPL (RMS) is continuously monitored on a quasi-analogue display. The digital output allows interfacing with personal computers and printers, for further data processing/presentation and printing. The linearly-weighted AC output allows for a direct calibrated recording (on Digital Audio Tape, for example), enabling later analysis. Conforms to the CEI 651, 804, Class 1, NF S 31009 and NF S 31 109 Standards. 80dB Dynamic, Measurement Range 20 to 140dB, (143bB peak) in five 80dB ranges, 18dB Background Noise, 512KB memory for 129600 results. Built-in 1/1 octave filter measure weighting.