Tektronix OM4006

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Tektronix OM4006

23 GHz Coherent Lightwave Signal Analyzer (requires choice of lasers)

Product Overview

Coherent Lightwave Signal Analyzer Architecture Compatible with both
Real-time and Equivalent-time Oscilloscopes*1

Complete Coherent Signal Analysis System for Polarization-multiplexed
QPSK, Offset QPSK, QAM, Differential BPSK/QPSK, and Other
Advanced Modulation Formats

Displays Constellation Diagrams, Phase Eye Diagrams, Q-factor,
Q-plot, Spectral Plots, Poincare Sphere, Signal vs. Time, Laser Phase
Characteristics, BER, with Additional Plots and Analyses Available
through the MATLAB Interface

Measures Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) of Arbitrary Order with
Most Polarization Multiplexed Signals