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Tektronix P7350-SMA

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Tektronix P7350-SMA

5 GHz Differential Probe with SMA Input

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The P7350-SMA is a high-speed differential SMA input probe. The P7350-SMA provides a tool for measuring differential signals in a 50 Ohm signaling environment. By integrating a dual 50 Ohm termination network and a differential amplifier in the probe head, the P7350-SMA measures a differential signal pair on each channel of a multiple channel oscilloscope. Since many of the new high-speed serial data standards define differential signaling on multiple channels, the P7350-SMA provides a more efficient measurement solution. The P7350-SMA probe architecture includes an input termination network, a differential buffer amplifier, and a common mode DC bias port. Since many differential data signals operate with a non-zero DC common mode voltage, the DC bias port allows for more flexible interfacing to these logic families. For applications requiring a common mode DC termination voltage, that voltage can be supplied to the P7350-SMA DC bias port through a standard banana plug connector. For other differential measurement applications, such as AC-coupled and some DC-coupled high frequency 8B/10B encoded data streams, the DC bias port can simply be left unconnected. Input signals use SMA connectors to attach to the input termination network, implemented on a laser-trimmed hybrid circuit for signal fidelity and high frequency response. The linear buffer amplifier converts the differential input signal to a single-ended output and drives the output signal down the probe cable at full bandwidth. An active differential buffer amplifier in the probe head enables the P7350-SMA probe to move the measurement interface from the oscilloscope front panel to the circuit-under-test. This can reduce the length of electrical interconnect cabling, which for multi-gigabit data signals also reduces frequency dependent loss distortion in signal measurements. The P7350-SMA is connected to an oscilloscope with the patented TekConnect Interface.


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