Tektronix P7506

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Tektronix P7506

6 GHz TriMode Probe

Product Overview

Features & Benefits

  • TriMode? Probe ? One Setup, Three Measurements without Adjusting Probe Tip Connections
    • Differential
    • Single Ended
    • Common Mode (Requires only one probe vs. conventional probing techniques)
  • Signal Fidelity
    • 25 GHz P7520A (with P75PST tip)
    • 20 GHz P7520A
    • 16 GHz P7516
    • 13 GHz P7513A
    • 8 GHz P7508
    • 6 GHz P7506
    • 4 GHz P7504
  • Versatile Connectivity ? Solder Down, Handheld, Fixtured
    • Variety of Solder-down Options
      • TriMode? Solder Tips
      • Small Form Factor for High-density Probing
      • Bandwidth Choices from 4 to 25 GHz
      • 1.5 m Extension Cable for High-temperature Probing
      • Quickly and Reliably Connect to Multiple Probe Tips
    • Precision Differential Probing Module ? Optional Handheld and Fixtured Probing
      • Small Precision Tapered Tips, an Articulated Joint for Compliance, and Variable Tip Spacing
  • TekConnect? Interface ? TekConnect Scope/Probe Control and Usability
    • Direct Control from Probe Compensation Box or from Scope Menu
    • Automated Measurement Control through the TekConnect? Interface to Connect to Tektronix Real-time Oscilloscopes
    • View TriMode/Attentuation Settings on Probe Compensation Box from Top or End Panel


  • Examples Include, but are Not Limited To:
    • PCI Express 3.0, Serial ATA III, DDR2/3/4, QPI, XAUI

Basics of Differential Probes for Oscilloscopes and their applications: a tutorial