Tektronix DSA73304D

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Tektronix DSA73304D

4 Ch 33 GHz Digital Signal Analyzer

Product Overview

The DPO70000D and DSA73304D series oscilloscopes extend the bandwidth and rise time of Tektronix Ultra Performance scopes to 33 GHz and nine picoseconds. Combined with a real-time sample rate of 100 GS/s on two channels, these products deliver the industry's highest performance combination of BW Sample Rate on multiple channels. This performance combination delivers capabilities that address emerging customer needs in optical communications, high speed serial, and wideband RF. The new Tektronix DSA73304D oscilloscopes features a highly integrated front-end using the reliable, and fast IBM SiGe 8HP BiCMOS Process. The new oscilloscope preamplifier and track and hold components have been integrated into a multi-chip module (MCM) that also includes coaxial input connectors and termination resistors in a single package, so high-speed signals never touch the acquisition system's PCB before they are sampled.

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Tektronix DPO/DSA/MSO70000 Digital & Mixed Signal Oscilloscope