Teledyne LeCroy WR66ZI-HRO

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Teledyne LeCroy WR66ZI-HRO

600 MHz, 2 GS/s, 4ch, 64 Mpts/Ch DSO with 12.1" WXGA Color D

Product Overview

The HRO 12-bit features an industry leading 12-bit Analog to Digital Convertor (ADC), deep memory of 256 Mpts/Ch, and superior DC accuracy specifications. These features are in addition to the extensive analysis features of the WaveRunner 6 Zi. Engineers no longer have to compromise high resolution for deep analysis. Designed for the medical,
automotive, power, and electromechanical markets, the HRO 12-bit has higher resolution and measurement precision than 8-bit alternatives. Traditional oscilloscopes use 8-bit ADCs to digitize the data, which is not enough for many applications that require viewing signals with both a large and small voltage component. The reduced noise and improved resolution of the 12-bit ADC architecture provides finer measurement accuracy and better waveform clarity. This can be seen with the superb 55 dB signal to noise ratio (SNR) and 0.5% DC vertical gain accuracy, which is up to four times better than typical 8-bit oscilloscopes.

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