Tektronix 80C15

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Tektronix 80C15

Single/multi multirate datacom and telecom 25 Gb/s & 100 Gb/s

Product Overview

The Tektronix 80C00 optical sampling modules, when installed in DSA8300 Digital Serial Analyzer sampling oscilloscopes 1, provide complete optical test solutions for telecom (125 Mb/s to 44.50 Gb/s) and datacom (gigabit Ethernet, 10 GbE, 40 GbE, 100 GbE, Fibre Channel to 16 GFC, and InfiniBand) applications, as well as general-purpose optical component testing. Other module features include an optical-to-electrical converter, average power monitor, one or more reference receiver filters, a full bandwidth optical path, optional integrated clock recovery 2, optional electrical clock recovery signal pickoff 3, and a universal optical input connector.