Spirent 90-01503

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Spirent 90-01503

ACG Subsystem

Product Overview

Analog Circuit Generator (ACG) Card 10 circuits per card, and can be used only for call generation (not switching). Each circuit emulates a standard analog telephone. For example, you can cause the channel to go off hook, wait for dial tone, and dial a number. You can program the ac impedance of each card to be 600 ohm or 900 ohm and you can program each circuit to use either loop start or ground start. For ground start, you can set the time for the application of the ring to ground. The front card of this subsystem has 11 LEDs. Each LED can show off, red, orange, or green, or flash in any combination. One LED indicates the status of the card (idle, active, or communicating with the System Controller).The other 10 LEDs indicate the status of the channel.