Dranetz MeasuringPad

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Dranetz MeasuringPad

Portable 16-Channel Data Acquisition System

Product Overview

A rugged hand-held instrument for short-term monitoring of multiple analog and digital inputs. Records data by %22exception%22 using limit-sensitive and logic on/off triggers. Provides real-time spreadsheet, bar graph, trend, and scope display of data, rapidly collecting, monitoring, and displaying multiple sensor inputs in a wide range of manufacturing, laboratory, plant operations, and quality control applications. Configured and operated through a simple touch screen interface, MeasuringPAD scans with 16-bit A/D while checking for limit-violation triggers and refreshing its memory buffer at 10 kHz per input. Unit requires input pods. Any combination of up to 4 pods may be used. Available Input Pods: MP30V: 4 Channel, 30 V Input Pod MP600V: 4 Channel, 600 V Input Pod MPUC: 4 Channel Universal Current Input Pod MPUT: 4 Channel Universal Thermocouple Input Pod.