Astro-Med DASH-8-X

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Astro-Med DASH-8-X

8 Channel Recorder Mainframe

Product Overview

With a built-in touch screen display, modular signal conditioning and high-speed data capture directly to a hard drive, the Dash 8X has all the features of a high speed recorder, data acquisition system, and trending recorder in one small package. The Dash 8X captures data continuously to a 18 GB hard drive at a sample rate of 200 kHz per channel. For faster signals, a 4-channel scope card option allows data to be captured at sample rates up to 10 MHz. Best of all, the Dash 8X allows captured data to be reviewed without interrupting real-time recording an important event is never missed. The Dash 8X has a large 15.1%22 color display which allows data to viewed in real-time and provides an easy-to-use touch screen user interface. Multiple Dash 8X systems can even be synchronized for applications requiring more channels. Requires input modules; IHV1 Isolated high-voltage amplifier or IHV2 Isolated high-voltage amplifier.