Advantest R3131

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Advantest R3131

3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer, Type N (f)

Product Overview

The synthesized architecture and specifications such as phase noise lower than -100 dBc/Hz @ 20kHz offset, ensure measurement accuracy and repeatability across the instrument's entire range.

This level of accuracy, plus one-button automated measurements for adjacent channel power, occupied bandwidth, and average and total power, make the Advantest R3131 well-suited to wireless design and troubleshooting needs. Supplementing these quantitative measurements, the R3131 also provides automatic pass/fail limit testing, a valued feature for manufacturing applications.


  • Built-in High Accuracy OBW, ACP, and Power Measurement Functions Which Can Be Applied to Digital Radio Measurement
  • Improved Ease of Use Through Auto TUNE Function
  • Total Level Accuracy Guaranteed by Auto CAL Function
  • Standard Interfaces: GPIB, RS232, Centronics, and FD Drive
  • Large Character Display Allows Results to Be Seen
  • EMC Measurement Functions
  • Improved System Operation Speed
  • Operation Key Arrangement for Ease of Use
  • Compact and Light Weight (12 kg) with a Space-saving Design
  • Optional Tracking Generator for Scalar Transmission Measurements