Rohde & Schwarz FSL3-13

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Rohde & Schwarz FSL3-13

3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer, Type N (f)

Product Overview

Spectrum Analyzer 9kHz - 3 GHz The spectrum analyzer R&S FSL leads its class with respect to its large number of standard functions. * Full choice of detectors: max, min, auto-peak, sample, RMS, average, quasi-peak * CP/ACP/fast ACP measurement functions with a host of predefined standards (see ACP screenshot) * Time domain power measurement * Measurement of carrier-to-noise ratio C/N or C/N0 referenced to 1 Hz or channel bandwidth * CCDF: measurement of crest factor and amplitude probability function * Automatic test routines for: - Occupied bandwidth (OBW) - Third order intercept point (TOI) - AM modulation depth * Adjustable number of trace points, max. 32001 * Editable limit lines including PASS/FAIL indication * Level units: - dBm, dBmicroV, dBmV, dBmicroA, dBpW, V, W, A * Frequency counter featuring resolution of 1 Hz with measurement time of 50 ms * Phase noise and noise marker with dBm/Hz and dBc/Hz results * n-dB down functionality for fast determination of bandwidth * Channel filters, shape factor <2 * EMI filters: 200 Hz (optional), 9kHz, 120 kHz * FFT filters from 300 Hz to 30 kHz, optional 1Hz to 30 kHz * Tracking generator * Gated sweep (optional) * LAN interface, VXI11 compatible for remote control * USB interface * Help functions * Operating system: Embedded Windows XP - Easy documentation of measurements - Remote desktop functionality - Compatibility (printer drivers, network, etc.) * Power measurements with R&S NRP power sensors