Absolute Analysis Inc. INTEGRIS3000-RL

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Absolute Analysis Inc. INTEGRIS3000-RL

Integris 3000 RF Interference Measurements Using CPRI

Product Overview

Integris 3000 is a spectrum analysis solution that uses the CPRI link to gather its data. Since it is reading direct RF digital data from the remote radio, it does not suffer from the restrictions that analog-based spectrum analyzers have. This allows a full real-time spectrum analysis that makes the Integris 3000 the fastest field analyzer in the industry.

Provides access to the RF signal using the fiber CPRI link, avoiding tower climbs that are expensive and can delay the RF analysis tasks.

Real-time spectrum analysis, including persistence displays, so interference sources can be identified, even in the presence of live traffic.

Remote control capabilities, allowing the user to remote login to the unit even if miles away, using either their cell phone or even a broadband card. This feature allows instantaneous confirmation that the interference signal has been silenced.

Quickly switch between multiple antennas, so diversity alarms can be confirmed by looking at multiple sectors.

Record waveforms for further analysis. Often times collaboration with RF experts is necessary to debug complex interference problems.