Kaelus (formerly Summitek) RTF-2000A

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Kaelus (formerly Summitek) RTF-2000A

RTF Module , 1710 - 2170 MHz, 7/16 DIN (f)

Product Overview

RTF Module for use with IQA-19xx PIM Test Sets. The Kaelus (formerly Summitek) RTF-2000A module is part of Kaelus' iQA series. Appliances belonging to this series are useful for analysis of Radio Frequency (RF) infrastructure quality and performance for cellular base stations.

RTF stands for Range to Fault, a technology which mobile base station operators can use to measure the exact location of Return Loss and PIM faults within their RF infrastructure. The RTF system package includes an RTF Module, interconnecting cables, and an %22RTF Enabled%22 iQA Series PIM test instrument.

The key specifications of the Kaelus RTF-2000A module include:

  • Frequency Range: 1710 ? 2170 MHz
  • Power: 12 V DC
  • RF Power (PIM): 2x 43 dBm supplied by iQA
  • RF Power (Return Loss): -33 dBm supplied by RTF Module
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10 to 40 degree Celsius
  • Weight: 1 kg
  • Dimensions: 127 X 90 X 73 mm

TRS-RenTelco offers the Kaelus (formerly Summitek) RTF-2000A module for rent or purchase with our 365-day, 24/7 customer support. We have an experienced team of metrologists and technicians that calibrates every product to stringent standards in our 50 GHz ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 compliant laboratory. If you would like to purchase this equipment, we offer a 12 months part and labor warranty. Contact us to know more and request a quote today.

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