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Andrew GW-TM

Invex3G Optimization System

Product Overview

Invex3G is a next-generation wireless network analysis drive testing tool that can measure and evaluate air interface operation. Invex3G provides a view of the network from the standpoint of the subscriber, measuring quality of service factors such as failed originations, dropped calls, and call quality. In addition, Invex3G provides the network-independent measurements necessary to comprehensively characterize the RF environment, including the types of measurements required by 3G. Invex3G possesses the high functional capacity needed to simultaneously test voice and data on 2G and 3G networks using both subscriber and network independent devices. Key features -3G Voice and Data -High Device Capacity-Stackable chassis with Ethernet Hub -Modular and Field Upgradeable -Integrated Hardware-No Messy Cables -Parallel, Multi-tasking Modules -Distributed Processing -High Data Throughput-Ethernet -User Customizable GUI -Easy to Use