Rent, Lease and Buy Test Equipment

If you’re responsible for acquiring and managing your company’s test and measurement equipment resources, then TRS-RenTelco is here to help. We offer many highly customizable and flexible rental and leasing programs along with pre-owned equipment for sale to help you acquire the electronic test equipment you need and stay within your budget.

To help you choose the right acquisition option for your needs please review our available options.

Rental - For Short Term Needs
Renting is perfectly suited for planned or unplanned temporary projects, facilitating peak load capacity requirements or when you need more test equipment than you currently own. Short term rentals may also be beneficial when evaluating your existing electronic test equipment, temporarily replacing assets out for repair, for use in training, or for other high-priority needs.

The Benefits of Renting Are:
  • No fixed time period – use the equipment for as long as you need
  • Flexible terms are available for short or long-term project needs
  • Return equipment when projects are completed without incurring any additional cost
  • Provides an opportunity to try new technology before you buy it
  • Offers solutions for safeguarding and complying with budget restraints
  • Helps control and maintain issues associated with obsolescence
  • Eliminates the worry of ownership, maintenance and calibration expenses

Lease, Rent-to-Own or TIP – For Longer Term Needs
For long-term projects or in situations when you need to conserve capital, avoid obsolescence, revamp your technology, or perform routine maintenance, a leasing, rent-to-own or Technology Investment Plan (TIP) may provide you with the best solution.

The Benefits of Leasing Are:
  • Flexible financing plans allow for a wide array of purchase and upgrade options
  • Preserves credit lines for other expenditures
  • Helps maintain borrowing power and requires less up-front cash
  • Tax benefits may be available since lease payments are typically treated as an operating expense
  • Obsolescence and unplanned equipment maintenance expenses can be avoided
  • Leases can be renewed at the end of the term or continued on a monthly basis
  • Buy-out options are often available at the end of your term
  • Maintenance, associated software, and repair costs can be included in the lease agreement.

Buying Pre-Owned Test Equipment
We offer a wide variety of previously-rented models from premier manufacturers for purchase. There are thousands of models in our inventory, attractively priced and immediately available. Our rent-to-own offers allow you to spread out your payments across a fixed period, at the end of which the product is yours to keep. Our divide-by-12 initiatives allow you to simply divide the product’s list price by 12 and pay for it on a month-by-month basis with zero percent interest based on your credit.

We offer financing options, limited warranties, and the full service support of our technical team on every piece of equipment you buy. Check out our complete list of models for sale here.

The Benefits of Buying Are:
  • Like-new models from premier manufacturers are available at discounted rates
  • Large selection of inventory is available from which to choose
  • Flexible financing options are available
  • Limited warranties are available
  • Full service support is provided by our technical team

With many equipment acquisition options available, TRS-RenTelco is the premier supplier for all your electronic test equipment needs. Call us the next time you need test and measurement equipment.

Choose the right acquisition option for your needs


Short-Term Needs:

  • Temporary projects and peak loads
  • "Proof-of-Concept"
  • Equipment evaluation
  • Training classes or trade shows
  • Emergencies
  • Rental
  • It's quick and easy
  • Immediate delivery
  • Return the equipment as soon as the need is over
  • Evaluate equipment before committing to long-term lease or purchase
  • Off-balance sheet financing
  • Take advantage of the latest technologies
  • Prompt repair or replacement

Long-Term Needs:

  • Longer projects
  • Capital conservation
  • Training classes or trade shows
  • Obsolescence avoidance
  • Planned technology refreshes
  • TRS-RenTelco's TIP program,"more than an operating lease" or rent-to-own
  • Most flexible and economical financing
  • Reduce ownership costs
  • Preserve capital
  • Take advantage of tax benefits
  • Guard against obsolescence
  • Flexibility to upgrade

Uncertain Length of Need:

  • Indefinite project terms
  • Indefinite peak loads
  • Rental with purchase option
  • Option to return or purchase equipment
  • Rent credit options available

To Maximize Capital Dollars:

  • Buy previously rented equipment orpurchase on the divide by 12 plan (on select equipment)
  • Costs can be substantially less than that of new equipment - often as much as 50 to 90 percent less
  • Equipment meets the functional requirements for new machines
  • We also sell manufacturer's excess inventory at substantial discounts
  • Warranties are offered on most products
  • Pay zero percent interest for 12 months (with credit approval)
  • Simply divide the manufacturer's list price by 12 to determine the monthly payments

To Maximize Capital Dollars:

  • Sell
  • Turn your excess test equipment into cash