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Keysight Technologies M9381A

6 GHz PXIe Vector Signal Generator

The Keysight (formerly Agilent) M9381A is a modular signal generator that provides Keysight (formerly Agilent) quality and performance in the PXI form factor. It accelerates throughput by delivering new levels of speed in signal generation -- fast RF tuning, baseband tuning technology innovation, versatile list mode, and more.

A typical M9381A configuration includes four individual PXIe modules - an M9311A digital vector modulator, M9310A source output, M9301A synthesizer, and the M9300A frequency reference - designed for fast data interfaces and high-speed automated test systems. Instrument control is provided through a soft front panel and programmatic interfaces tuned to the application and development environment of choice.

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--, 300, B16, F06, M10, UNT, UNZ
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  • 300

    PXIe Frequency Reference: M9300A: 10 MHz and 100 MHz

  • B16

    RF modulation bandwidth, 160 MHz

  • F06

    Frequency range, 1 MHz to 6 GHz

  • M10

    Memory, 1024 MSa

  • UNT

    Analog modulation

  • UNZ

    Fast Switching

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  • Termination 50 Ohm SMA

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  • USB Drive with Software and Manuals

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  • Socket 5/16 in

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  • Software and Product Information

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  • Cable Jumper Semi-Rigid (2W) DVM - SRC

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  • Cable Coaxial A07-A07 120 mm

    Qty: 4
  • Cable Jumper Semi-Rigid Synth Output - (2W) DVM Input

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  • Cable Assembly Coaxial BNC(m) - SMB(f) 1200 mm

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  • Manual Startup Guide

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  • Modulator

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  • Synthesizer

    Qty: 1
  • Source Output Module M9310A

    Qty: 1
  • Reference Module M9300A

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  • Adapter Coaxial Straight SMA(m) - SMA(f)

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  • Cable Removal Tool SMB/MMVX

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  • Cable Assembly Coaxial SMB(f) - SMB(f) 300 mm

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  • Cable Jumper Semi-Rigid (2W) DVM Jumper-IQ

    Qty: 4
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