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Viavi Solutions Inc. (formerly JDSU) TB2000-QUAD-OTDR

T-BERD 2000 platform 850/1300/1310/1550nm OTDR

T-BERD 2000 platform with 5 inch touchscreen color display, built-in broadband power meter (2.5/1.25 mm) and handheld VFL (2.5/1.25 mm). Dual port 26/24dB @ 850/1300nm Multimode & 37/35dB @ 1310/1550nm Singlemode OTDR, UPC Connector, SC and LC connector adapters, light source thru OTDR port. 1x LC/PC to LC/PC 10mSM jumper, and 1x LC mating sleeve. Pass/fail connector inspection software with P5000i digital inspection probe (Fiber Check PRO tips)

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Keysight (formerly Agilent) N9918A

26.5 GHz FieldFox Microwave Analyzer

The Keysight, formerly Agilent N9918A FieldFox Microwave Analyzer is a handheld, highly portable device. The N9918A may be compact but isn't short on capabilities - it comes equipped with a max frequency of 26.5 GHz. The FieldFox N9918A has been developed with on-site use and portability in mind, and has quite a few technological features.

Key Features & Specifications of Keysight N9918A

Cable and antenna analyzer (CAT), vector network analyzer (VNA)

  • 30 kHz to 26.5 GHz
  • Dynamic range: 100 dB to 9 GHz, 90 dB to 18 GHz
  • CAT: Distance-to-fault, return loss, cable loss
  • VNA: S11, S21, S22, S12, magnitude and phase

Spectrum analyzer

  • 5 kHz to 26.5 GHz
  • <> 0.6 dB amplitude accuracy, full band, over full temperature range of -10 to 55 C (14 to 131 F)
  • Spur-free dynamic range: = 105 dB Full-band tracking generator Independent source, vector voltmeter (VVM) and power measurements RF source: 30 kHz to 26.5 GHz, CW, CW coupled, and tracking VVM: 30 kHz to 26.5 GHz, compare phase and electrical length Power measurements with USB sensor: 9 kHz to 24 GHz (sensor dependent) Built-in power meter: 5 kHz to 26.5 GHz FieldFox instrument attributes Standard 3-year warranty Battery life: 3.5-hours Weight: 3.0 kg or 6.6 lbs Operating temperature: -10 to 55 C (14 to 131 F)

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Anritsu MT1000A-VCTR-VC

MT1000A platform, CPRI/transport module, 400x VIP

The Anritsu MT1000A-VCTR-VC is a high-performance transport testing equipment that is a part of the Network Master Series.

The MT1000A platform, CPRI/transport module, 400x VIP includes the following:

  • 9in full color indoor/outdoor display
  • Touchscreen
  • AC charger, battery, manuals
  • Wifi/Bluetooth/WLAN connectivity
  • Soft carry case
  • Comprehensive report generator with pdf writer and reader pre-installed
  • 400x USB-based Video Inspection Probe including soft bag and seven connector tips
  • IEC61300-3-35 connector certification software pre-installed
  • Dual channel CPRI /OBSAI testing up to 5 Gbps (CPRI rate options 1-5) - provides L1/L2 testing, alarm/error detection, unframed/framed BER, RTD and transceiver information
  • Single channel CPRI /OBSAI testing up to 10.138 Gbps (CPRI rate options 6-8) - provides L1/L2 testing, alarm/error detection, unframed/framed BER, RTD and transceiver info
  • One 1310nm 15 km SFP (supports CPRI rates 1-3)
  • One 10G LR 1310nm SFP (supports CPRI rates 3-8)

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Roll over image to zoom in Available For: Rent, Lease Need configuration help? Talk with a Application Engineer Sunsight Instruments AAT-30

Antenna Alignment Tool (AAT)

The AAT 30 AntennAlign Alignment Tool measures antenna alignment in azimuth, tilt, and roll while also indicating its height above ground level. The Sunsight AAT 30 features a quick capture feature for on-site captures if antenna position data not available prior to climb. Get antenna installs right the first time, eliminate costly site re-visits or re-climbs. With its powder-coated aluminum housing, it is weatherproof and rugged for tough conditions General Contractors work in. The AAT 30 antenna alignment tool is simple to operate and can mount to any antenna locations. In seconds, a person can take a reading from any WiFi enabled device, instantly creating a permanent record of an antenna alignment for accountability and traceability. Desired equipment position can be input prior to climb or entered into the tool on-site. The report records the final alignment specification, including latitude/longitude, azimuth, tilt, height, and current date and time. Records can be downloaded (via PDF or CSV) at a later time to be used by contracting companies or quality control departments to certify the installation work was performed as specified.

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3Z Telecom RFA-1000

3Z RF Aligner -GPS Antenna Alignment Tool

The 3Z RF Aligner is the most compact GPS Antenna Alignment Tool in the industry. It incorporates GPS Technology to calculate precise Azimuth, Tilt, Roll, and AGL measurements for a multitude of directional antenna systems. Its universal antenna mounting system is used for quick antenna attachment and release.

The 3Z antenna alignment tool was developed with a conscious effort to make it the most convenient to use for a tower tech operative.

The 3Z RF Aligner is user friendly and easy to transport up any tower.

It attaches to pretty much any directional antenna with ease, and the built-in 4.3-inch LCD color display provides direct access to all the information it collects. Measurements are recorded instantly, allowing you to save all your antenna installation measurements for record keeping and reporting, easily accessible over USB.

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Tektronix PA3000

The Tektronix PA3000 is a one to four channel power analyzer that is optimized for testing today's single and multi-phase, high efficiency power conversion products and designs. Use it to quickly visualize, analyze, and document power efficiency, energy consumption, and electrical performance to the latest regional and international standards, including Level VI, EnergyStar, CEC, IEC 62301, CQC-3146, and more.

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Megger SMRT36

Three Phase Relay Test Set

The Megger SMRT36 with three VIGEN Modules provides a complete three-phase test system for commissioning of three phase protection systems. With the voltage channels converted to currents, the same unit can provide 6-phase current. The SMRT36 VIGEN modules also provide high power in BOTH the voltage and current channels to test virtually all types of protective relays.

The Megger SMRT36 test system has the ability to be manually controlled with Megger's new Smart Touch View Interface (STVI). The STVI, with its large, full color, high resolution, TFT LCD touch screen allows the user to perform manual, steady-state and dynamic testing quickly and easily using the manual test screen, as well as using built-in preset test routines for most popular relays.

Each current channel is rated for 30 Amps 200 VA continuous, up to 60 Amps 300 VA for short durations. It has a unique flat power curve from 4 to 30 Amps that insures maximum compliance voltage to load at all times. Three currents in parallel provide up to 180 Amps 900 VA for instantaneous tests.

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Fluke 1750

Power Analyzer

The Fluke 1750 recorder automatically detects, scales, and powers current probes without needing batteries. Requiring only single-lead voltage connections enables safe and quick setups. Once power is applied the Fluke 1750 Power Recorder automatically begins recording and LEDs give you assurance that the recorder is powered up and signals are within range-no more uncertainty that data is being recorded.

The Fluke 1750 has an exclusive capture algorithm which makes certain all events are captured without the tedious setups and blind spots associated with threshold driven equipment. The PDA wirelessly interfaces with the recorder, allowing quick setup and verification with waveform displays, meter screens, and phasor diagrams. The built-in wireless technology allows you to control multiple instruments from a distance easily, without the need for a laptop computer (laptops can also be used when desired).

For more technical information, refer to the Fluke 1750 manual available in the 'supporting detail' tab above. At TRS RenTelco, we have a variety of Fluke 1750 rental options. So, if you are looking for a new or well-maintained used Fluke 1750 Power Analyzer for rent, contact us or request a quote today.

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HDPQ Xplorer

The Dranetz HDPQ XPLORER-A is a power quality analyzer from the Dranetz' HDPQ family of high quality testing products. When you order the Dranetz HDPQ, you get the instrument only. The specifications of the HDPQ XPLORER include the following: 50/60HZ, 16/20HZ, AC/DC, 512 samples/cycle, 1MHZ high speed digitized transients, 8 channels (4 differential voltage, 4 current), 10K cycle recording depth, WVGA touch LCD display, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, battery charger, voltage cable set with pouch, Answer Modules.

Here is the extensive features list of the Dranetz HDPQ -XPLORER-A:


  • High Definition PQ & Energy Monitoring – 1000Vrms, AC/DC, 512 samples/cycle
  • High Speed Digitized Transients – 1us, 10 to 2000Vpk
  • Eight channels, 4 voltage & 4 current
  • AnswerModules – Sag directivity, PF capacitor identification, motor – automatic event categorization
  • Advanced PQ – IEC 61000-4-30 Class A & IEEE 1159 compliant
  • Harmonics – IEC 61000-4-7, IEEE 519 (2014)
  • Transient capabilities – V & I – waveshape triggers, high speed. Well beyond standards requirements
  • IEEE 1459 Advanced Power Measurements
  • 10,000 cycle pre/post trigger buffer
  • EN 50160 Ed 3


  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth
  • VNC for full remote control from Dran-View 7 or a 3rd party App
  • Apple & Android apps with real time metering and alarm Dashboard

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Doble Engineering F6150

Three Phase Relay Test Set

The Doble F6150 is the only instrument with the high power, flexibility, and sophisticated software to run full simulation tests on your relays and protection schemes. It provides everything you need in a single, field-rugged, portable box. It can test everything from a single, high-burden electromechanical earth/ground fault relay to complete, modern, multi-function numerical microprocessor protection schemes, without the need for additional instruments. It can perform steady-state, dynamic-state, and transient simulation tests. The Doble F6150 relay test set can even be used for end-to-end protection scheme tests using Global Positioning System technology to synchronize remotely located F6150s. To run full simulations on all types of relay schemes, microprocessor, electromechanical, or a mixture, you need an instrument that can generate high test power and provide flexible configurations for many types of tests. The F6150, with its high power rating and built-in configuration flexibility, is the industry's only true single-box solution for simulation testing of all relay protection schemes. With the F6150, you can easily run a variety of tests to determine whether your relays are detecting signals properly, communicating correctly, and responding appropriately to power system events. In addition, with its high-accuracy output, the F6150 can be easily applied to calibration testing of transducer and energy metering applications, including meters rated at 0.2 Class.

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Tektronix DPO7254C

4 Ch 2.5 GHz Digital Oscilloscope

The Tektronix DPO7254C is a digital phosphor oscilloscope that forms part of Tektronix's DPO7000C series. The DPO7254C makes complex digital designs simple to analyze with its numerous features. The DPO7254C boasts features:

Key Performance Specifications

  • 3.5 GHz, 2.5 GHz, 1 GHz, and 500 MHz Bandwidth Models
  • Up to 40 GS/s Real-time Sample Rate on One Channel, up to 20 GS/s on Two Channels, and up to 10 GS/s on Three or Four Channels
  • Up to 500 Megapoint Record Length with MultiView Zoom™
  • >250,000 wfms/s Maximum Waveform Capture Rate with FastAcq™
  • FastFrame™ Segmented Memory Acquisition Mode with >310,000 Waveforms per Second Capture Rate
  • User-selectable Bandwidth Limit Filters for Better Low-frequency Measurement Accuracy

Ease-of-Use Features

  • Pinpoint® Triggering provides the Most Flexible and Highest Performance Triggering, with over 1400 Combinations to Address Virtually Any Triggering Situation
  • Visual Trigger Precisely Qualifies Triggers and Finds Unique Events in Complex Waveforms
  • Advanced Search and Mark to Find Specific Events in the Entire Waveform
  • MyScope® Custom Control Windows and Right Mouse Click Menus for Exceptional Efficiency
  • 53 Automated Measurements, Waveform Histograms, and FFT Analysis for Simplified Waveform Analysis
  • TekVPI® Probe Interface supports Active, Differential, and Current
  • Probes for Automatic Scaling and Units
  • 12.1 in. (307 mm) Bright XGA Display with Touch Screen


  • USB Host Ports on the Front and Side Panels for Quick and Easy Data
  • Storage, Printing, and Connecting USB Peripherals
  • Integrated 10/100/1000BASE-T Ethernet Port for Network Connection
  • Video Out Port to Export the Oscilloscope Display to a Monitor or Projector
  • Micro

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Rohde & Schwarz FSW26

26.5 GHz Signal Analyzer

Rohde & Schwarz have designed the FSW26 signal and spectrum analyzer with ease of use, quickness of results, and complete accuracy at the forefront. This is typified by the specifications offered on the R&S FSW26 Signal and Spectrum analyzer. These specifications include a frequency range of 2 Hz to 26.5 GHz, display average noise level of -153 dBm to 30 dBm, a resolution bandwidth of 1 Hz to 10 MHz, and more.

The high-performance R&S-FSW signal and spectrum analyzer was developed to meet demanding customer requirements. Offering low phase noise, wide analysis bandwidth and straightforward and intuitive operation, the analyzer makes measurements fast and easy.

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Teledyne LeCroy SDA-820ZI-A

Four channel performance at 20 GHz is pristine with exceptional rise time, overshoot, total and random jitter noise floor, and electrical noise performance. SDAII Serial Data Analysis Software LeCroy's SDAII software is optimized for fast eye diagram creation on long records, and deep insight of jitter pathologies with more parameters and analysis views to help you understand the root cause of high jitter

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Keysight (formerly Agilent) E8257D-550

The E8257D PSG analog signal generator delivers industry-leading output power, level accuracy, and phase noise performance up to 67 GHz (operational to 70 GHz). The Keysight E8257D PSG analog signal generator's high output power and superior level accuracy often eliminates the need of an external amplifier for testing high power devices and minimizes test uncertainty to identify errors early in the design process. The E8257D 550 has world-class phase noise performance (typically -116 dBc/Hz @ 10 GHz carrier and 10 kHz offset) is ideal for local oscillator, low jitter clock substitution and adjacent channel selectivity tests.

When testing advanced RF and microwave radar, communications, and control systems, the PSG analog signal generator delivers the performance you demand.

  • Signal Characteristics 250 kHz to 20, 31.8, 40, 50 or 67 GHz, operational to 70 GHz (.001 Hz resolution)
  • Extendable to 75, 90, 110, 140, 170, 220, or 325 GHz - mm-wave modules 23 dBm @ 20 GHz, 17dBm @ 40 GHz, 14 dBm @ 67 GHz output power (typ) Industry's best SSB phase noise - Option UNX Modulation AM, FM, pulse, and scan 8 ns rise/fall times and 20 ns pulse width (typ)
  • Dual internal function generators: sine, square, triangular, ramp, and noise
  • Sweep Step, list, and ramp sweep (frequency and power)
  • Source control using PSA Series spectrum analyzer Keysight (formerly Agilent) 8757D scalar network analyzer code compatible
  • Automation and Communication Interface 10BaseT LAN and GPIB SCPI and IVI-COM drivers
  • Backwards compatible with all PSG signal generators.

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Fluke DSX-8000-ADD

The DSX CableAnalyzer Series copper test solution enables testing and certification of twisted pair cabling for up to 40 Gigabit Ethernet deployments and will handle any cabling system whether it is a Cat 5e, 6, 6A, 8 or Class FA and I/II. Certifying a cable is one part of a process that starts with system design and ends with system acceptance. The faster that process goes, the more profitable you'll be. Unfortunately, there are a lot of things that slow the process down - setting up the tester incorrectly, testing to the wrong limits, waiting for skilled technicians to analyze and troubleshoot failures, misinterpretation of results, and producing test reports that customers cannot understand.

As part of the Versiv cabling certification product family, the DSX CableAnalyzer Series provides accurate, error-free certification. In the installation business there are multiple teams, varying media types and multiple testing requirements. The difference between being profitable or not is just a few percentage points. The DSX certifies copper cabling, complies with all standards including Level VI/2G accuracy, making jobs easier to manage, and getting to system acceptance faster. It's not just for the expert technicians and Project Managers. Individuals of various skill levels can improve the set-up, operation, test reporting, and simultaneously manage diverse projects.

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