Quickly manage your TRS-RenTelco account from one easy- to-access online portal. Whether you access the portal from your mobile device or your laptop, CustomerHUB gives you a host of capabilities to fast-track processes.

The easy-to-navigate CustomerHUB user interface provides a comprehensive snapshot of your account on the homepage, and highlights key information such as your balance and number of units on rent.

The CustomerHUB Quick Links Take You Directly to Core Features and Services:

  • Automated registration
  • Ability to view, print, and download current and/or past rental information
  • Ability to view, print, and download invoices
  • View mapped asset locations
  • Make payments using ACH/credit card
  • View invoice again information
  • Update purchase order (PO) numbers for existing orders
  • Contact customer support
  • Request a quote
  • Re-order products
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Register Today and Take Control!

Set up your CustomerHUB account today and start maximizing your TRS-RenTelco account. To get started, click the New User link and follow the prompts to create your username and password.