Exclusive Rental and Leasing Programs

TRS-RenTelco’s in-house financing team supports a number of standard Rental and Leasing programs, and offers custom financing solutions for qualified customers.

Weekly and Month-to-Month Rentals

Pay for equipment as long as you need it, then return it anytime.

Divide by 12 Freedom Lease

12 equal monthly installments (based on sale price), financing as low as 0% interest, and the freedom to cancel after 3 months.

Rental with Purchase Credits

Accrue a portion of your rental payments toward a purchase credit.

Freedom Operating Lease

Low monthly payments with the option to purchase at the end of term.


Rental Programs

For Short-Term Needs

Renting is generally the most economic solution for short-term projects or in situations where project duration is unknown. Why sink thousands of CapEx funds towards purchasing costly test equipment when you can Rent the equipment and only pay for it as long as you need it?

Benefits of Renting

Save CapEx budgets for higher ROI initiatives.

The cost of equipment maintenance, calibration, downtime, and depreciation drastically impacts bottom line test equipment ROI.

Always have the latest technology.

When you Rent, you’ll never worry about equipment obsolescence. Simply trade-in or trade-up any time to get the latest technology.

No fixed time period - use as long as you need.

In times of uncertainty, Renting is the most flexible and economic procurement solution. Only pay for what you need.

Eliminate maintenance and calibration expenses.

When you Rent, we take care of maintenance and calibration - so you’ll never have unplanned downtime or unnecessary expenses.

Ease financial concerns amid economic uncertainties.

In times of economic uncertainty, cash conservation is key. Focus on your business, not on navigating supply chain challenges and CapEx investments.


Lease, Rent-to-Own, or TIP

For Longer-Term Needs

For lengthy projects or frequent equipment utilization, Leasing or purchasing equipment through non-traditional means such as Rent-to-Own programs may be the most economical solution for your business. Buying over time, with one of TRS-RenTelco’s in-house financing programs, allows businesses to utilize OpEx funds for equipment procurement.

Benefits of Leasing

In-house financing allows for customized options.

Depending on your financial situation and term requirements, TRS-RenTelco can tailor a Leasing program to fit your budgetary needs.

Less up-front cash than a traditional purchase.

If you choose Rent-to-Own, we’ll work with you to design a customized down payment amount, monthly cost, and term.

Avoid obsolescence and maintenance expenses.

With evolving technologies, even high equipment utilization projects may benefit from the freedom to trade-up when new technology becomes available.

Choose to return, buy-out, or renew lease terms.

Leasing allows companies to preserve CapEx and enjoy low monthly payments with flexibility and options at the end of the equipment term.

Preserve credit lines for other expenditures.

TRS-RenTelco’s in-house financing capabilities mean companies can preserve their lines of credit for other, more critical expenditures.

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