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We measure each of our refurbished instruments against the highest of quality standards through our 16-point certification process. Explore our complete range of pre-owned electronic test equipment by leading manufacturers such as Keysight, Fluke, Rohde & Schwarz, and more.

Industry Leading Quality Standard
Unsurpassed Technical Service and Support
One Year Warranty and Five Days Acceptance Period (in most cases)

Accu-Plus 16-Point Certification Process

All used testing equipment is processed through our accredited calibration lab in accordance with our 16-point Accu-Plus certification process.

Instrument panels and frames are checked for scratches, stains, and cracks, and are resurfaced or replaced.

All switches, keys, and knobs are verified in good working order.

All displays, LED’s, and lights are verified in good working order.

All feet and foot stands confirmed present and functional.

All connectors are inspected for center pin condition and in good working order.

Fans are verified in good working order, filters present and clean.

Unit power cycled and operation verified.

Input voltage and fuse confirmed for shipping destination.

Calibration tamper-proof seal verified present where applicable.

Current calibration data is verified present and accurate (if applicable).

Firmware revision validated and annotated.

A virus scan is performed on all Window-based products.

Hardware and software options physically verified present and matched to the equipment request.

Standard accessories confirmed present and in good working condition.

Accessories are properly packaged and packed.

Instruments are packed with Preset Molded Foam or Instapak in heavy-duty shipping containers.

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Shop Certified Pre-Owned Equipment, available for sale at an exceptional value with unsurpassed technical service and support. Plus get a one year warranty (five days acceptance period in most cases) on all equipment purchases.