Trade and Save Benefits

Through our Trade and Save program, your old test equipment investments can work for you today. We will make a competitive credit offer on your used equipment and you get to:


Free up your bench space and prevent obsolescence.


Extend your equipment budget and improve cash flow.


Use the trade-in to pay on a current invoice or rent, lease or purchase a new piece of equipment to stay current with the latest technology.

Terms and Conditions

Upon offer acceptance, we will issue a formal Purchase Order (P.O.) along with the agreed upon terms and conditions.

  • We require a 10-day acceptance period to test the unit in our labs
  • All Equipment needs to be in good working order
  • TRS-RenTelco Trade & Save credit is good for two years to pay any outstanding rental or purchase Invoices Net 30-day payment terms if cash offer made

Learn More About Trade & Save

Contact us for more information about our Trade & Save Program or to request a quote for your pre-owned equipment using the form below.

Dealer Sals

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What would you like to sell? (Please provide manufacturer name, model number, serial number and options in the space below)


You can also email us at and attach your list of equipment or call us at 972-362-5784 to speak directly to a representative.


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