As car buyers continue to expect fast and reliable connectivity between their car’s infotainment system and wireless devices as well as advanced safety systems like blind spot monitoring to avoid other vehicles, emergency breaking, lane change assist, and adaptive cruise control, the need for automotive system development and testing will keep the electronic test equipment rental industry in business for years to come.

Automotive manufacturers and their long list of subcontractors and suppliers are dealing with increasingly complex electronic systems from radar, video, navigation and wireless applications that require specialized test and measurement solutions. TRS-RenTelco offers electronic automotive test equipment from leading global brands of testing and measurement like Keysight, Rohde & Schwarz, and Tektronix that support the automotive electronics industry ranging from wireless and RF to EMC/EMI solutions. Typical equipment used ranges from oscilloscopes, signal generators, signal analyzers, power meters, and network analyzers to EMC and wireless test sets. Other automotive testing equipment include spectrum analyzers, DC power supplies, battery test equipment, and wireless appliance handset test.

To get the latest electronic automotive test equipment, contact us at TRS-RenTelco and request a quote. We offer auto test equipment for rent, lease or purchase with minimal lead time for delivery, accurate calibration by our in-house team of metrologists and technicians and year-long, 24/7 customer support.

Automotive Manufacturers: