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Internet of Things (IoT) Test Equipment

Discover TRS-RenTelco’s Internet of Things (IoT) test equipment for device and network testing.

The Internet of Things (IoT) shows increasing potential to connect billions of services and devices anytime, anywhere. Applications include smart homes and buildings, connected cars, wearables and smart fabrics, healthcare, smart cities, and public transportation, as well as applications that may drive the next industrial revolution.

IoT Growth

The IoT in 2030: 24 billion connected things generating $1.5 trillion

Enabling technologies for IoT include cellular, satellite, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, ZigBee, LPWAN, and Ethernet. Test equipment that validates IoT capabilities has become an important focus for mission-critical IoT ecosystems that must perform without failure and meet necessary compliance certifications.

Consumers expect extremely high reliability, performance, and quality of experience in IoT devices. No single technology can effectively address the wide range of applications and requirements that will make up the IoT. From RF and high-speed digital to cellular, 802.11 WLAN, Zigbee to Bluetooth, TRS-RenTelco has the electronic test equipment and application expertise you need to design, develop, and manufacture for the IoT revolution.

Nature Iot
The IoT, enabled by the already ubiquitous Internet technology, is the next major step in delivering the Internet’s promise of making the world a connected place.

Getting the equipment you need to innovate, validate, implement, or troubleshoot can be difficult. Common challenges our customers face include budget constraints, procurement hurdles, fleet deficiencies, and internal silos.

How TRS-RenTelco Can Help

Our team of experts work with you to identify specific business challenges and determine how to leverage our unique capabilities to create financial and operational efficiencies for your business.

Strategic Acquisition

Data-driven procurement framework to quantify the need-state and expedite internal approval processes.

Custom In-House Financing

Flexible programs for cost-effective procurement to optimize your capital and operational budgets.

Fleet Management

Logistical and technical oversight to ensure you have what you need, when you need it.


TRS-RenTelco offers IoT test solutions at favorable terms with short- and long-term full-service leases, rentals, rent-to-buy options, and pre-owned equipment for sale.


Optical Test

Network Test

Network/Impedance Analyzer

RF & Microwave Test Accessories


Power Sources

Spectrum Analyzers


Wireless Test

Data Generators/ Analyzers

Logic Analyzers

Partner Resources

IoT OEM Partner Resources
Rohde & Schwarz

Rohde & Schwarz testing solutions help bring your IoT applications to market as quickly as possible.


Keysight’s IoT test solutions span the network stack, from physical-layer to application-layer.


Anritsu delivers essential IoT testing solutions that evaluate wireless communication quality in devices.

Industry Experts
Siemens AG

Siemens’ MindSphere solution empowers customers and partners to quickly build and integrate personalized IoT applications. tightly integrates with all major public cloud providers to deliver large-scale IoT deployments.


PTC’s ThingWorx platform offers a rich set of capabilities spanning design, manufacturing, service, and operations.

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Battery Life IoT

This application note describes Battery Life Measurements with the R&S®RT-ZVC02/04(A) MultiChannel Probe. The measurements are described mostly with the use of an oscilloscope; however, measurements are also possible with CMWRun and a corresponding communication tester.

Solution for Power Storage and Solution Testing

The world is experiencing an evolutionary transformation in power storage and power conversion. These developmental changes will impact the technology that surrounds us - from electric cars to portable medical devices to loT smart devices.

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