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Electronic Test Equipment Categories

TRS-RenTelco’s catalogue contains a wide range of electronic test equipment for any hobbyist engineer, researcher, or a freelance technician. Keep up with the rapidly evolving electronics industry by renting or purchasing the most up to date electronic test equipment for your projects. At TRS-RenTelco you also have the freedom to decide if you need to rent, lease, or purchase test equipment. Find your electronic testing device, and request a quote today!


At TRS-RenTelco we offer a variety of Amplifier Testing Equipment available for rent, lease and purchase with 24/7 customer support. Request a quote today.


RF frequency counters measure frequency of devices under testing. TRS-RenTelco offers calibrated equipment with 365 days customer service.

Data Generators/Analyzers

Data generators/analyzers for digital and analog devices assist in projects with demanding digital pulses, high speed clock signals, square waves, sine waves or arbitrary waves, and more.

Datacom Cable Test

Calibrated Datacom Cable test sets are used for maintenance of data communication networks and available with 24/7 customer support.

Electrical & Industrial Test Equipment

Buy or rent electrical and industrial test equipment used to perform maintenance tests on transformers, switches, circuit breakers, rotating machinery, and more. Browse over 190 devices vital for manufacturing and maintenance requirements.


Generators produce a variety of wave forms spread across different frequencies used in developing new electronic products.

Logic Analyzers

Get industry standard, high quality, and accurate logic analyzers to capture and display signals that come from a digital system. Get logic analyzers by reputed manufacturers Tektronix, Nexus technology, Keysight, and more.


We provide electrical testing meters used for testing voltage, current, LCR, resistance, noise figure, and more. Read more about meters by TRS-RenTelco.

Network Test

Check out our complete range of network test equipment. Find network LAN cable testing equipment at great rates.

Network/Impedance Analyzers

Network analyzers are used to measure microwave level frequencies and specific parameters of electric networks. TRS-RenTelco offers calibrated network/impedance analyzer equipment with 365 day customer service.

Optical Test

Optical testing devices such as Optical Power Meters, Optical Spectrum Analyzers, OTDR measure the properties of light in fiber optic equipment. Find new and used optical test equipment with 365 day customer support.


TRS-RenTelco offers digital oscilloscopes for rent or sale. Get quick delivery on scopes from leading brands - Keysight, Rhode & Schwarz, Tektronix and more.

Power Sources

AC power supplies and amplifiers, multi-function calibrators, DC power supplies, and more. Power sources are often used on sites for supplying electrical energy to an output load, and may undergo rugged handling. We offer compact and durable, new or well-maintained used portable power made by leading manufacturers.

Protocol Analyzers

Protocol analyzers are used to detect everything from data link problems to physical damage on cables. We offer network protocol analyzers, statistic analyzers, IP load testers, and more from manufacturers such as Future Plus, Nexus technology and Spirent.


Recorders document output of performed tests. Available with hardware and software as a bundle, made by leading manufacturers.

RF & Microwave Test Accessories

The main use of RF & Microwave Test Accessories is to measure power of the spectrum of known and unknown signals. TRS-RenTelco offers a wide range of RF and microwave test accessories from reputed manufacturers such as Narda and Keysight to meet your test requirements.

Spectrum Analyzers

Spectrum analyzers measure magnitude (amplitude or strength) of electrical signals against full frequency range of equipment. Browse from a range of 250+ spectrum analyzers from reputed manufacturers.

Television Test

Television test equipment is primarily used in TV broadcasting industry. Explore our range of TV test equipment by leading manufacturers like Tektronix, Rohde & Schwarz, and Viavi Solutions Inc.

Wireless Test

Wireless test equipment is used to develop, manufacture, install, and maintain wireless networks. Get wireless testing equipment with 24/7 support.

We want you to have the best experience when you buy, lease, or rent our test equipment. Our team is familiar with every single test device at TRS-RenTelco to help you make the right selection. Request a quote, or call one of our representatives for more information.