Modulation Domain Analyzers

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Keysight (Formerly Agilent) 5372A

Modulation domain pulse analyzer


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Modulation Domain Analyzers

The Modulation Domain Analyzer is a graph that maps the frequency of a signal over a set period of time. With functionalities similar to an oscilloscope, the key difference between oscilloscopes and a modulation domain analyzer is that the former is used to measure voltage, the latter, to measure frequency. The uses of modulation domain analyzers are generally to measure peak-to-peak modulation, deviation, pilot carrier frequency, modulation rate, detector switching time and interval switching times. Applications of the modulation domain analyzer include jitter analysis and characterization of digital communications systems, peripherals, and mechanical systems; determine frequency hopping performance of an agile transmitter, or measure cellular phone switching from cell to cell. If you are looking for new or used modulation domain analyzers for rent, lease or sale, contact us or request a quote at TRS-RenTelco today!
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