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Underground Cable Locator Rental

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Radio Detection RD8100PDL

Pipe & Cable Locating Kit.



Dynatel 965DSP-A

Subscriber Loop Test Set



Metrotech 850

Audio Frequency Line Tracer w/Clamp



Radio Detection 1270A

Cable Fault Locator / TDR



Radio Detection RD432PDL

Precision Pipe & Cable Locator



Radio Detection RD7000DL

Pipe & Cable Locating Kit.


Showing 1 - 9 of 9 results for Underground Cable Locator Rental

Underground Cable Locator Rental

Use high-performance underground cable locators to easily find cables and pipes, as well as electrical short circuits. Achieve excellent speed, reliability, accuracy, and efficiency with our line of certified and calibrated underground pipe locator equipment, available for rent, lease, or sale with 24/7 customer support at TRS-RenTelco.

What Are Cable and Pipe Locators?

A cable locator is used by operators of long-line cable systems, pipelines, and utility distribution networks to precisely locate cables, circuits, short circuits, and ground wires even in buried and congested areas that are not easily accessible. A pipe locator is the best solution for locating, marking, surveying, and mapping energized systems.

A locator can perform quick, efficient safety checks and tests on wall sockets with very little information available on cables, their outputs, electrical plans, or wiring. With a locator, you can safely make holes in walls, ceilings, and floors. A cable locator can also spot ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, and plastic with outstanding accuracy and precision.

Advantages of Underground Wire Locators

With the right cable locator, you'll no longer waste time looking for cables or utilities.

A high-quality utility, wire, and pipe locator can help you find electrical wires and pipelines in locations such as walls, ceilings, floors, and even utilities that are buried underground. Use our ultra-modern pipe and cable locators and cable fault locator tools for effective damage identification, prevention, and analysis in water and gas industries and facilities that deal with power lines and wires. Locators are also useful in parking lots, airport lighting applications, and utilities construction sites.

Locators and tracers that are certified for safety by third-party labs and with CAT ratings keep users safe when working with energized systems.

How Does a Cable Locator Work?

An underground utility locator works by generating and transmitting a frequency signal onto a metallic product with the help of the transmitter, which is then detected by the receiver. The transmitter signal is sent through the product by either conductive or inductive methods.

In the conductive method, a direct connection is established in the locator by tools such as alligator clips. In the inductive method, the frequency signal is induced onto the metallic cable wire with an induction clamp around the cable line. Unlike the conductive method, the cable locators do not connect metal to metal. Once the transmitter is connected, the receiver of the locator is hovered over the location where the utility or pipe is assumed to be.