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Environmental Test Chamber

Environmental Test Chambers are pieces of equipment that perform scientific testing of a product under a variety of stresses and environmental conditions. Environmental Test Chambers are able to simulate environments with extreme temperatures and humidity levels. Temperature change is one of the most common stresses applied to a product. Temperature cycling is the process in which a product is subjected to multiple cycles of changing temperatures between predetermined extremes, at relatively high rates of change. Cycling will show at what temperature, both high and low, a product will cease to function properly. Environmental testing allows manufacturers to ensure their product will be reliable under almost any condition it may be exposed to over its lifetime. With test chamber products, available for lease and rent, all of which are backed up by our excellent round-the-clock support network, your test chamber needs can be met at TRS-RenTelco. To acquire new or used environmental test chambers for rent, contact us or request a quote today.
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