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High-Potential (Hipot) Tester

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Showing 1 - 20 of 27 results for High-Potential (Hipot) Tester

High-Potential (Hipot) Tester

Use our collection of superior hipot testing equipment to accurately locate tolerance errors and nicked insulation and successfully perform electrical safety testing to ensure that your instrument meets standard safety requirements. The TRS-RenTelco dielectric test equipment covers a wide test voltage range from 5kV to 130kV. Our hipot rental equipment supports very low frequency (VLF) testing, which is used to field test AC/DC high-voltage cables and generator and motor coils.

Get the right hipot testers for testing sub-station equipment, such as vacuum bottles, circuit breakers, and switchgear, and for performing AC withstand tests. Our DC hipot tester range comprises high-voltage DC-proof testers and megohmmeters, which can be used for leakage current measurement and insulation resistance testing.

What Is a Hipot Test?

A Hipot test, or a Dielectric Withstand test, is a stress test of the DUT that verifies that the insulation of a product or component is enough such that it will protect operators from electrical shock. In a typical hipot test, one side of the supply is connected to the safety ground (or the earth ground) and the other side to the product under test.

A high-test voltage is applied between the product's current-carrying conductors and its metallic chassis. The conductor can be connected either to high voltage or to the ground. In the case of multiple contacts, one contact is to be connected to high voltage, while all the others are connected to the ground.

The resulting current that flows through the insulation, known as leakage current, is monitored by the tester. With a superior-quality hipot cable tester, you can perform a highly efficient safety test to ensure that the electrical components in your facility are working without leaks in insulation. The IEC 60950-specified basic test voltage for these instruments is 2 x (operating voltage) + 1,000V. The IEC 60950 also specifies the product test time as one minute.

What Are Hipot Testers Used For?

Hipot is an abbreviation for high-potential tester. Traditionally, the term hipot is given to a class of electrical safety testing instruments whose primary application is to verify electrical insulation in finished products and electrical appliances, cables, conductors, terminals, or other wired assemblies, printed circuit boards, electric motors, and transformers.

Hipot Testers for Sale, Rent, and Lease

TRS-RenTelco offers a wide range of new and used AC/DC dielectric testing equipment for sale, rent, and lease. Find fully calibrated hipot safety testers that are light, compact, rugged, portable, and compliant with best-in-class safety standards.