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Pulse Generators

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Keysight (Formerly Agilent) 81130A

400/660 MHz Pulse Data Generator


Keysight (Formerly Agilent) 81110A

165/330 MHz Pulse Pattern Generator


Keysight (Formerly Agilent) 81101A

1 Channel 50 MHz Pulse Generator


Keysight (Formerly Agilent) 8110A

150 MHz Pulse Pattern Generator


Showing 1 - 4 of 4 results for Pulse Generators

Pulse Generators

An electronic circuit or a part of electronic test equipment used to generate rectangular pulses, pulse generators are used predominantly for working with digital circuits.

Pulse generators usually allow control of the pulse repetition rate (frequency), pulse width, delay with respect to an internal or external trigger, and the high- and low-voltage levels of the pulses. Pulse signal generators may use digital or analog techniques, or a combination of both to form the output pulses.

With the accurate adjustment, pulse generators can also produce a 50 percent duty cycle square wave. Digital pulse generators are generally single-channel, providing one frequency, delay, width, and output. To produce multiple pulses, these simple pulse generators would have to be arranged in series or in parallel.

Versatile and Comprehensive Range of Pulse Generators

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