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Bluetooth Analyzer

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 results for Bluetooth Analyzer

Bluetooth Analyzer

Use Bluetooth low-energy analyzers to decode traffic for Bluetooth product development and confidently decrypt and debug. Rent or lease compact, easy-to-carry Bluetooth analyzers from TRS-RenTelco for all your wireless technology development, test, maintenance, and design initiatives.

Consuming only a fraction of the EDR wireless protocol analyzer technology, a Bluetooth packet analyzer is highly energy efficient. With the Internet of things (IoT) revolution already underway, and largely dependent on Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and Bluetooth 5 technology, low-energy Bluetooth protocol analyzers are becoming essential test devices for developers in home automation, personal electronics, and automotive markets.

Low-energy protocol analyzers consume less power while decoding and analyzing data through multiple wireless devices without synchronization.

What Does a Bluetooth Protocol Analyzer Do?

Bluetooth analyzers are efficient tools that decrypt captured data through multiple communication channels at all levels and analyze that data using the built-in software for recording.

With the latest features for various applications, here’s a quick look at some capabilities of the Bluetooth protocol analyzers (BPAs) that we offer.

Wideband Bluetooth analyzers, such as the Teledyne LeCroy FL-COMPRO-SODERA-WB Bluetooth protocol analyzer, capture over-the-air Bluetooth packets and analyze and decrypt data over channels using efficient software. The frontline Bluetooth sniffer includes DecoderScript for specifying custom protocol decodes.

Dual-mode Bluetooth analyzers, such as the Teledyne LeCroy FL-COMPRO-BPA600, capture encrypted data from multiple connections simultaneously. These analyzers are USB-powered and perform live decoding and data decryption through channels, which include advertising packets, data packets, HCI communication, and data carried for the Secure Digital Input Output interface.

Protocol analyzers such as the Teledyne LeCroy BT006UAA-X BT Merlin II analyzer for non-intrusive testing, analyze all levels of high-speed serial protocols and profiles.