RX Monitoring Service, Inc. Cx Monitor

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RX Monitoring Service, Inc. Cx Monitor

Power Quality Monitor

Product Overview

The latest technology in PQM. With free software and two patents, the Cx Monitor is ideal for Servicing and or Trouble Shooting, Commissioning Facilities, UPS, and Motor Generator Sets, The Cx  Monitor is designed to save you time and capture all the test data you desire. Because it can monitor AC and DC and Temperature and humidity (DC and Temp can be wireless), you can now have one tool for all of your testing needs! From 2 cycles to 40 second snapshots to nearly unlimited transient capture, the Cx Monitor's easy set-up allows you capture the data and write the report faster and better than ever before. The state-of-the-art technology is easy to use (even easier if you ever used a PQM).  Report writing service is also available from RxMS. Factory training and tech support is included if you rent from TRS!