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Keysight (Formerly Agilent) E8267C

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Keysight (Formerly Agilent) E8267C

250 kHz to 20 GHz CW Signal Generator, 3.5 mm (m)

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Product Overview

Product Overview

The Keysight (formerly Agilent) E8267C is the industry's first integrated microwave vector signal generator. Using its wideband I/Q modulator, the device delivers up to 1GHz RF modulation bandwidth.

The advanced wideband (80MHz) internal baseband generator is capable of flexible arbitrary waveform playback and sophisticated real-time signal generation.

Customize the E8267C for baseband, RF, and microwave test applications, such as simple distortion tests, general-purpose troubleshooting, baseband coding algorithm development, or advanced digital microwave transceiver design verification. Conveniently access the calibrated wideband test stimuli, ranging from digital and analog baseband to RF and microwave carrier frequencies. Get comprehensive, optional performance enhancements and accessories with a signal creation software suite. Also, check out the Keysight N5101A baseband studio of signal applications and accessories that give you digital baseband signals in and out of your PSG or ESG quickly.

Features and Specifications

  • Frequency range: 250kHz to 20GHz (0.001Hz resolution)
  • Output power range: 17 to -130 dBm with high-level accuracy
  • Industry-leading phase noise performance
  • 160MHz standard RF modulation bandwidth extendable up to 1GHz
  • Flexible FSK, MSK, PSK, QAM
  • Custom I/Q, AM, FM, FM, and pulse
  • Step, list, and ramp sweep frequency and power
  • Internal baseband generator (80MHz RF BW)
  • Arbitrary I/Q waveform playback (up to 100 MSa/s) 
  • Playback memory: 64 MSa and up to 1 GSa storage 
  • Real-time I/Q symbol generation (up to 50 Msym/s)
  • Generate radar test signals, 802.11 WLAN, multitone, noise power ratio, custom modulation
  • Remote control over 10BaseT LAN and GPIB
  • Drivers: SCPI and IVI-COM
  • Waveforms: Sine, square, positive ramp, negative ramp, triangle, Gaussian noise, uniform noise, swept sine, dual sine
  • Operating temperature: 0 degrees to 55 degrees C 
  • Storage temperature: -40 degrees to 71 degrees C

For all the specifications, refer to the E8267C datasheet.

If you are looking for frequencies between 100kHz and 44GHz, check out the Keysight E8267D-544 signal generator.


Here are some commonly available accessories:

  • Rack-mount kit
  • Front handle kit
  • N5101A baseband studio PCI card
  • 8120-8806 master/slave interface cable
  • Internal baseband generator, 64 MSa memory
  • Standard transit case
  • Tote-style transit case with wheels and telescoping handles
  • Signal studio software
  • Type-N (f) connector
  • 6GB internal hard drive

To learn more about available accessories, call us at 800.874.7123.


The E8267C PSG drastically simplifies how users generate complex vector modulated signals for design and manufacture of test applications in aerospace, defense, satellite communications, and wireless broadband.

What Is the EMC Compatibility of E8267C?

  • Meets conducted and radiated interference and immunity requirements of IEC/EN 61326-1
  • Meets radiated emission requirements of CISPR Pub 11/1997 Group 1 class A


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