Tektronix AWG5014

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Tektronix AWG5014


Product Overview

AWG5000 Provides Complete Digital and Analog Signal Generation Capabilities Depending on whether the interface between baseband and RF is analog or digital, engineers require a signal generator with both high vertical resolution and spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) for analog I/Q (in-phase carrier amplitude/quadrature phase carrier amplitude) and IF, or with parallel digital outputs for digital I/Q. A signal generator with both analog and parallel digital outputs for digital baseband is ideal for creating, replicating and generating either ideal, distorted or real-life signals including noise, jitter, glitches and other imperfections to assist with prototype debug and verification of the baseband/RF interface. The AWG5014 offers four analog channels with variable sample rates up to 1.2 GS/s. It also features 14-bit vertical resolution enabling signal generation with a high 80dB SFDR and two digital markers per analog channel. The two channel versions feature an option for a pair of 14-bit parallel digital outputs which enable test of digital IF or digital I/Q systems. Additionally, the AWG5014 is ideal for test of 4x4 MIMO systems. The combination of speed, resolution and digital output capability makes the AWG5014 capable of meeting most mixed signal test needs.

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