Tektronix AWG7051

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Tektronix AWG7051


Product Overview

The AWG7051 Arbitrary Waveform Generator offers a combination of superior signal stimulus, sample rate, bandwidth and signal fidelity. It offers a solution to the challenging signal stimulus issues faced by designers verifying, characterizing and debugging sophisticated electronic designs. With sample rates from 5 GS/s (10-Bits), together with 1 output channel, the toughest measurement challenges in the disk drive, communications, digital consumer and semiconductor design/test industries. The open Windows (Windows XP) based instrument delivers ease of use and allows connectivity with peripherals and compatibility with third-party software. Customers can import WFM, PAT and SEQ files to the AWG7000 series from AWG400, 500, 600 and 700 series models. Please note, this does not include the AWG2000 series files. Key Features: * Sampling Rate: 5 GS/s * Arbitrary Waveform Outputs: 1 * Accurate Timing with only 20 psp-p Total Jitter.45 ps Tr/Tf (20% to 80%). * /-100 ps Range (1 ps Resolution) Inter Channel Skew Control. * Marker Outputs: 2 per analog channel * Accurate Timing with only 30 psp-p Total Jitter. 45 ps Tr/Tf (20% to 80%). * Up to 300 ps Range (1 ps Resolution) Delay Control. * Number of Waveforms: 1 to 16,000. * Sequence Length: 1 to 4,000 steps. * Sequence Repeat Counter: 1 to 65,536 or infinite. * Vertical Resolution: 10-Bits (No Marker Output) or 8 Bits (when Markers enabled). * 32M standard Record Length, 64M optional (option 1, keycode). * Down to 100 fs Resolution Edge Timing Shift Control. * Real-time Sequencing Creates Infinite Waveform Loops, Jumps, and Conditional Branches. * Integrated PC Supports Network Integration and Provides a Built-in DVD, Removable Hard Drive, LAN, and USB Ports. Note: Option /2 is NOT field upgradeable and must be ordered at the time of build.