Digital Lightwave NIC-NXG

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Digital Lightwave NIC-NXG


Product Overview

The Digital Lightwave NIC-NXG is a small and compact all-in-one analyzer, which can be used for testing transport networks. This product has been designed to be used easily and can be scaled to respond to spikes in demand.

The NIC NXG is a test instruments for NextGen SONET/SDH Network Testing. An extension of the successful NIC product line, the NXG products leverage the NIC NextGen Multi-Rate (NGMR) module. SONET/SDH at 51Mbps, 155Mbps, 622Mbps, 2.5Gbps or 10Gbps also includes Electrical Protocol Processor DSO/1/3, E1/E3/4 and 56k/64k fractional DS1/E1 testing functionality and Physical interface rates at 1.5M, 2M, 34M, 45M, 140M.

TRS-RenTelco offers the Digital Lightwave NIC-NXG for rent or for lease. Our experienced team of metrologists and technicians calibrate each product to stringent standards in our 50 GHz ANSI/NCSL Z540-1 compliant laboratory. Request a quote today and get 24/7 customer service.