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Tektronix P7513A

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Tektronix P7513A

13 GHz TriMode Probe

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Product Overview

Stay confident in the signal fidelity of your measurements with the Tektronix P7513A probe. This 13 GHz differential probe works on TriMode Probing, a revolutionary probing architecture that is faster and more efficient compared to traditional probes.

The P7513A reduces setup time significantly, as you can switch between differential, single-ended, and common mode measurements without moving the probe from its connection points. It offers versatile connectivity options by letting you choose from solder down, handheld, and fixtured probing.

The TriMode solder tips with small form factor lets you perform high-density probing with ease. A 1.5 m extension allows for efficient high-temperature probing.

With the P7500 Series TriMode probe architecture at its core, you get excellent step response, low-DUT loading, and high CMRR, with a very low setup time. The Tektronix P7513A probe is integrated with the TekConnect interface that lets you control the probe directly from the compensation box or the scope menu.

Get automated measurement control and the capability to connect with Tektronix scopes. Applications include PCI Express, Serial ATA, DDR2/3/4, and USB.

The Tektronix P7513A TriMode Differential Probe is compatible with the following DPO/DSA/MSO70000 and TDS6000B/C Series TekConnect oscilloscopes: DPO/DSA71254 and TDS6000C.

Tektronix P7513A - Features and Specifications

  • Rise time (10-90%) (typical, probe only) <; 40 ps
  • Rise time (20-80%) (typical, probe only) <; 28 ps
  • Attenuation: 5X or 12.5X(User-selectable)
  • Precision-tapered tips with variable tip spacing
  • Compatible with TekConnect DPO/DSA71254, TDS6000C Oscilloscopes
  • TriMode Probe for three kinds of measurements with single setup
  • Automated measure control

The Tektronix P7513A is available for lease or rent with TRS-RenTelco with 365-day support. Contact us to know


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