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Teledyne LeCroy SDA-808ZI-A

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Teledyne LeCroy SDA-808ZI-A

4 channel 8 GHz Oscilloscope

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Product Overview

The Teledyne LeCroy SDA-808Zi-A 8 GHz Digital Oscilloscope built for exceptional performance, features up to 30 GHz bandwidth, 80 GS/s sample rate, extremely stable timebase and a 14.1 Gb/s serial to capture high-speed signals. The SDA-808Zi-A is a four-channel oscilloscope that comes with bandwidth upgradability, making it affordable and stays up-to-date with emerging serial data standards and high-speed technologies.

The Teledyne LeCroy SDA-808Zi-A features a high-resolution, large 15.2 WXGA color touch screen that allows you to combine multiple analysis types into a single, correlated display: analog signals, protocol decodes, eye diagrams, measurement parameters, and other relevant information are presented side-by-side, in real-time. The SDA-808Zi-A also offers the lowest jitter noise floor while remaining stable over long acquisitions.

Teledyne LeCroy SDA-808Zi-A - Features and Specifications:

  • Bandwidth up to 30 GHz
  • Cutting-edge oscilloscope user interface
  • True hardware 14.1 Gb/s serial trigger
  • 15.3 flat panel Color LCD with high resolution touch screen
  • Maximum sampling rate of 40 GS/s (80 GS/s with optional WM8Zi-2X80GS external interleaving device)
  • DC and timing accuracy Auto calibration -maintained for one year minimum
  • Max. Power Consumption of 975 W / 975 VA
  • Serial data analysis, debug, validation and compliance tools
  • Integrated 50 O and 1 MO inputs for true connection and probing flexibility
  • Multi-lane serial data eye, jitter and crosstalk analysis
  • Real-time de-embedding, emulation, and equalization

The Teledyne LeCroy SDA-808Zi-A comes with 24/7 customer support and is available for rent or lease at TRS-RenTelco.

The latest test equipment - We take a keen interest in emerging technologies and are often the first to buy newly introduced test and me


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