Tektronix 80A03

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Tektronix 80A03

TekConnect Probe Interface Module

Product Overview

The 80A03 TekConnect Probe Interface Module extends the capabilities of the CSA/TDS8000 series oscilloscope and makes debugging today's high-performance electrical and optical designs a little easier.

The 80A03 plugs into any of the four electrical sampling module slots on the CSA/TDS8000 and provides probe power and control for up to two Tektronix P7000 series probes. The seamless integration enables the CSA/TDS8000 oscilloscope to automatically adjust its scale factor to match the probe. The 80A03 is powered through the oscilloscope and requires no user adjustments or external power cords. The integrated extender cable places the probe near the circuit for easier probing without stretching the cables. An electrical sampling module is plugged directly into the slot on the 80A03 to provide the optimum signal fidelity and a short electrical path.