Tektronix 80E09

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Tektronix 80E09

Dual Channel, 60 GHz Sampling Module

Product Overview

The 80E09 is a dual-channel module with remote sampler, capable of 450 uVRMS noise at 60 GHz sampling bandwidth, and 300 uV at 30 GHz sampling bandwidth. Each small form factor remote sampler is attached to a 2 meter cable in order to minimize the effects of cables, probes, and fixtures, allow close location of the sampler to the DUT, and ensure best signal fidelity. User-selectable bandwidth settings (60/40/30) offer optimal noise/bandwidth trade-off. Typical Applications Include:

  • High-Frequency, Low-Noise Signal Acquisition
  • Fast Rise Time Measurements
  • Jitter Analysis and Waveform Analysis