Tektronix DSA8300

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Tektronix DSA8300

Digital Serial Analyzer Sampling Oscilloscope

Product Overview

The DSA8300 Series Sampling Oscilloscope from Tektronix, when combined with either one or multiple electrical sampling modules, carries the potential to offer complete test solutions for multi-channel, high-bandwidth electrical applications. This highly configurable Tektronix DSA8300 setup is perfectly suited to a variety of applications including the characterizing and analyzing of components, modules and systems with signaling rates at 10, 40 and as much as 100 GB/s.

Key features of the Tektronix DSA8300 Digital Serial Analyzer Sampling Oscilloscope:

  • Very Low Time-base Jitter:425 fs Typical on up to 8 Simultaneously Acquired Channels
  • <200 fs Typical on up to 6 Channels with 82A04 Phase Reference Module
  • Vertical Resolution16bit A/D, Electrical Resolution: <20 iV LSB (for 1 V full range) Optical Resolution depends on the Dynamic Range of the Optical Module
  • Ranges from<20 nW for the 80C07B (1 mW full range) to <0.6 iW for the 80C10B (30mWfullrange)

We ensure that our test equipment's are functioning properly and are efficiently maintained by our team of expert technicians. We offer test equipment at competitive prices for our customers. If you want to rent or lease the Tektronix DSA8300 and get excellent 24x7 customer support, get in touch with us or request a quote from TRS-RenTelco today.