Tektronix H600

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Tektronix H600

H600 RFHawk Signal Hunter, Type N (f)

Product Overview

Scan The RFHawk Spectrum Analyzer offers a user interface designed for field conditions in a battery-operated field unit with an input Frequency Range from 10 kHz to 6.2GHz to cover most modern signal sources. It comprises an unsurpassed ability to detect very low level signals with -153dBm DANL at 10 Hz RBW. Classify RFHawk matches signals to known standards using frequency, bandwidth and other criteria. An Expert-system help with on-screen profile masks for quick frequency offset estimations is included and makes it easy to upgrade the databases if applicable. RFHawk also examines a cyclo-stationary make-up of a given signal to look for specific cyclic components. Locate RFHawk hunts outdoor signals by plotting measurements directly into GPS-integrated geo-referenced maps. In-building signals can be entered with a Tap-and-Walk-and-Tap interface. There is no need to return to the office for analysis of difficult problems anymore.

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