Tektronix RSA6120B

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Tektronix RSA6120B

20 GHz Real Time Spectrum Analyzer, 3.5 mm (m)

Product Overview

The Tektronix RSA6120B is a high-performance Spectrum Analyzer that belongs to the Tektronix RSA6000 series. This device allows users to carry out spectrum analysis measurements with accuracy.

Here are the key specifications of the RSA6120B:

High-performance Spectrum Analysis:

  • 20 dBm 3rd Order Intercept at 2 GHz, Typical
  • Displayed Average Noise Level 151 dBm/Hz at 2 GHz (167 dBm/Hz, Preamp On, typical) enables Low-level

Signal Search:

  • /-0.5 dB Absolute Amplitude Accuracy to 3 GHz for High Measurement Confidence
  • Fully Preselected and Image Free at All Times for Maximum Dynamic Range at Any Acquisition Bandwidth
  • Fastest High-resolution Sweep Speed: 1 GHz sweep in 10 kHz RBW in less than 1 second
  • Internal Preamp up to 20 GHz


  • DPX Spectrum Processing provides an Intuitive Understanding of Time-varying RF Signals with Color-graded Displays based on Frequency of Occurrence
  • Revolutionary DPX Displays Transients with a Minimum Event Duration of 3.7us
  • Swept DPX Spectrum enables Unprecedented Signal Discovery over Full Instrument Span


  • Trigger on Frequency Edge or Power Level Transients with a Minimum Event Duration of 3.7's in the Frequency Domain, 9.1 ns in Time Domain
  • DPX Density Trigger Activated Directly from DPX Display
  • Time-qualified and Runt Triggers Trap Elusive Transients
  • Frequency Mask Trigger Captures Any Change in Frequency Domain


  • Up to 7.15 s Acquisitions at 110 MHz Bandwidth can be Directly Stored as MATLAB Compatible Files
  • Gap-free DPX Spectrogram Records up to 4444 Days of Spectral Information for Analysis and Replay
  • Interfaces with TekConnect Probes for RF Probing


  • Time-correlated Multi

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