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Viavi Solutions Inc. (formerly JDSU) DSAM-6300

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Viavi Solutions Inc. (formerly JDSU) DSAM-6300

Digital Services Activation Meter

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Product Overview

Digital Service Analysis Meter

Integrating award-winning, patented Stealth Sweep technology, the Viavi Solutions (JDSU) DSAM-6300 Network Maintenance Sweep Meter features a superior combination of DOCSIS 3.0 testing, Spectrum Analyzer, SLM (Signal Level Meter) with QAM ingress analysis - all your network performance needs in one powerful device.

The DSAM-6300 lets technicians perform maintenance and quality verification tests on the spot. It features a lightweight and sturdy design that shields it from extreme weather and makes it an extremely versatile service activation meter for the toughest industrial challenges.


The JDSU DSAM-6300 is the perfect solution for applications involving.

  • Digital QAM carrier testing
  • Non-invasive forward and reverse sweeps
  • Troubleshooting HDTV and HSD service issues with unique DQI, QAM ingress, and VoIP check If you need assistance, contact us at 800.874.7123.
  • DOCSIS 1.x and 2.0 legacy testing
  • Service quality analysis of revenue-generating voice, digital video, and cable modem installation
  • Find return path and troubleshooting upstream noise, home certification reports and more.

Use the DSAM to perform full DOCSIS 3.0 testing of QAM carriers, find return path, perform ethernet testing for customer service, and test digital and analog video.

Viavi (JDSU) DSAM 6300 - Features and Specifications:

  • Performance testing: 8 downstream x 4 upstream DOCSIS 3.0 testing
  • DOCSIS test of carriers - MER, packet loss, BER, jitter, and delay
  • Throughput testing:
    • Up to 304 Mbps down, 120 Mbps up for 6 MHz carriers
    • Up to 400 Mbps down, 120 Mbps up for 8 MHz carriers
  • Gigabit Ethernet port standard
  • Optional Gig E Throughput testing
  • MER range: up to 45 dB
  • Reduce repeat truck rolls
  • Viavi digiCheck digital power level
  • Types of signals: CW, video, and audio (NTSC, SECAM and PAL)
  • Measurement range: -40 to 60 dBmV (typical)
  • Frequency range: 4 to 1,000 MHz
  • Resolution: 0.1 dB
  • Resolution bandwidth: 280 kHz
  • Accuracy for analog level measurement: /-1.5 dB at 25C (77F) (typical)
  • Accuracy for digital level measurement: /-2.0 dB typical at 25C (77F)

The Viavi Solutions (JDSU) DSAM-6300 Digital Services Analysis Meter is available for rent, lease or sale, add it to your shopping cart today. TRS-RenTelco offers 365-day customer support and fast delivery options.


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