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Tektronix PQA300

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Tektronix PQA300

Picture Quality Analysis System

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The PQA300 analyzes picture quality with repeatable, objective measurements that directly replicate subjective human visual assessments. These measurements provide invaluable information for engineers working to optimize video compression without compromising picture quality. The PQA300 is both a generator and analyzer of reference test material for testing compressed video systems. Standard inputs and outputs are 270 Mb/s serial component (Rec. 601). Option 01 provides analog composite NTSC/PAL inputs and outputs. The PQA300 measures a 2-second portion of a 5-second video test sequence. The video test sequences may be downloaded from supplied CD-ROMs or recorded from your own video, and played out to the system under test. While serial digital interfaces are standard, analog composite and S-Video (Y/C) interfaces can also be accommodated with the addition of Option 01. The output of the system under test is then stored and analysis performed with DSP-accelerated hardware on the 2-second sequence. The measurement results in a single numeric value of picture quality called Picture Quality Rating (PQR). Utilizing a human vision system model, JNDmetrix, based on years of research by the Sarnoff Corporation, the PQA300 analyzes the three necessary dimensions for evaluation of dynamic and complex motion test sequences: spatial analysis, temporal analysis, and full-color analysis. In addition to reporting the Picture Quality Rating, the PQA300 provides PSNR-values and an animated map whose intensity is related to the perceived differences between the original and captured image. This provides invaluable information for evaluation and optimization of digital video compression systems. The PQA300 provides Results Summary, Graph Files, and PSNR Difference Maps for in-depth, detailed analysis to help you evaluate your equipment design, transmission system evaluation, or conduct your picture quality content verification and analysis at the program (video) layer.


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