Praxsym 310-010108-008

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Praxsym 310-010108-008

Dual Band Test Transmitter 698-960MHz/1710-2170MHz

Product Overview

Praxsym Inc. is a manufacturer of a wide variety of testing and measurement equipment. Praxsym offers a dual-band N-type continuous wave (CW) test transmitter 310-010108-008, which comes with the following important features:

  • Dual Band
  • 698-960MHz (standard channel 1)
  • 1710-2170MHz (standard channel 2)
  • Intelligent user interface & display
  • -10 to 12dBm output level
  • Simultaneously transmit on both channels
  • SMA or N-type female connectors
  • Battery operated
  • Compact 7<=!=> x 5<=!=> x 3<=!=> package
  • Portable (approximately 3.5 lbs.)
  • Durable soft case optional (pictured)

The Praxsym 310-010108-008 Dual Band Continuous Wave Test Transmitter is available at TRS-RenTelco for rent and lease with 365 days customer service. Request a quote today.